Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Low Down Espresso Bar

Cappuccino - $3

Just last week, there has been a dispute (it might just be overly strong, let's just say an article in The West) over expensive coffee price in Perth as compared to Melbourne. I may have to agree, a regular cup of flat white in Perth might be $0.10 or $0.20 higher than Melbourne or Sydney, but Hannah from Mooba Espresso beg to differ. Also on the same day of the said article being published, I discovered Perth's cheapest coffee in the CBD.

I ain't kidding, a regular flat white cost me only $3 and a short mac or espresso is only for $2.50. I almost had the shock-of-my-life, when the barista asked me to pay $3, I froze for a while and couldn't keep the smile away from me and said "that was cheap!".

Low Down Espresso Bar is a very small, almost kiosk size like cafe hidden inside Cloisters Arcade, I did doubt when I was walking through Cloisters Arcade whether there's gonna be awesome coffee inside this old fashioned building. It was about 4pm and every other shops in the arcade has closed, it was like walking into a haunted building. Anyway, we walked our way through the end, and there goes Low Down Espresso Bar, still churning out excellent coffee.

Low Down has simple yet contemporary decor, edgy yet indie, it was a mismatch with the entire place. Anyhow, this is the place to get great quality coffee at a very low price, perhaps lower than Melbourne?

Flat White - $3

One more thing that I really should mentioned is their service. No doubt, I was there at 4pm, possibly the quietest time of the day, but yet they still have the effort to provide a non intrusive but caring service. When the staff delivered our coffee, he asked whether he can get any water for us (the water jug & glasses were practically next to us), and so he did and poured it for us. I go to many places for coffee at 4pm, but no one actually provide this kind of personal service.  

Cherry & Chocolate Cookie

While we were sipping away and tasting the coffee, possibly munching on the chocolate button that came with our coffee (yea right, $3 for a cup of flat white come with a chocolate button!), the staff gave us a cherry and chocolate cookie for free, he thought it would be good to go with coffee. We were so happy, because these days people don't give away free cookies to customer! The cookie were really nice, with enough sweetness and bitterness, it complimented well with coffee. I absolutely love this cookie not for the fact that it was free, but the texture of it was really nice, quite soft in the middle thus giving me a melt-in-the-mouth kinda texture. 

Instead of trying some other coffee shop next time when I'm in the city, I'll definitely be going back to Low Down for quality Fiori coffee at very low price and warm service. 

Opening Hours: Weekdays 7am - 5pm

Shop 16a, Cloisters Arcade,
Hay St,
(08) 9226 3041
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