Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

It was Mid Autumn Festival/ Mooncake Festival/ Lantern Festival for every Chinese out there. It is also a day to reunite with your family; to chat, eat, drink tea and play lantern under the perfectly round moon.

I have lost count on how many Mid Autumn Festival I've missed celebrating with my family. This year was one exception, I got to eat mooncake, drink tea, play lanterns and candles with my family. You'll never feel too old playing lanterns.

When we were a lot younger back then, we used to play with candles, making it into a fire stove and started cooking with dried leaves where we picked up at the garden. Well, now that we have all grown up, we don't play with fire anymore, but focus more on decorating the garden with colourful paper lanterns.

Mooncake - Pandan with double egg yolk
Eating mooncake is a must-do in this festival, you wouldn't feel completed if you didn't have one. We used to fight with each other for the biggest portion with biggest salted egg yolk, nowadays we don't fight anymore, because there are double egg yolk or quadruple egg yolk in a mooncake.

Mooncake Festival must-eat
Apart from mooncake, it's a tradition to eat yam and "Ling Kok" (The black thingy that looks like cow's head).

"Ling Kok" in cantonese
I have no idea what's call in English, any takers?

I am glad I was back home to celebrate this year's Mid Autumn Festival, hope my brother who are currently in Melbourne will be thinking of home when he looks up at the moon.


L said...

lovely photos of mooncake festival! looked like you had fun! :D

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

"Water caltrop" in English, apparently!

Dim Sum Q said...

Oh Thanks Conor,
I never know what they are called in English, but I'm pretty sure we can't get it in Perth!

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

I've certainly never seen them in Perth. The only reason I knew what they were in English was because a blogger I know in Montreal recently wrote about finding them in Chinatown over there! They look more like ornaments than something edible! :)

Dim Sum Q said...

Yes yes, they look more like an ornaments, and if you take a closer look, it looks pretty scary actually! They don't have any aroma either, people eating them definitely not for the flavour as there were none, more for the texture i guess!