Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Green Hands

Brand new start
In the past, I failed miserably at growing plants, flowers, herbs and all things green. I think I've inherited my mom's gene - the 'No Green Hands' gene. I always love the idea of having a lushful herb garden at my backyard, so whenever I need the herbs for cooking, I'll be able to get them just right at my doorstep. Unfortunately for me, I've never succeeded in growing them. They were all dead after a month or so, or they just slowly dry out under the hot sun. Perhaps I didn't shower them with much love and care. On my New Year Resolution this year, I've included 'growing herbs successfully' into my long list of personal achievement for the year of 2011.

Went to Bunnings on a fine day, bought packets of potting mix, fertiliser, mulch and seeds. Instead of spending money on planting pots, I've decided using recycle material from various dairy bucket. Drilling holes at the bottom for easy drainage.

As I am quite determine to grow them successfully, I started growing the basic herbs from seeds and follow a strict guideline. From left to right, there're Italian parsley, chives, thyme, spring onion and mixed basil.

After getting my hands dirty with mixing and planting, I waited eagerly everyday for them to sprout.

25days later
Almost a month later, I started seeing my little herbie shoot upward, I was delighted. But the Italian parsley, chives and thyme remain sproutless.

A month later
They were all growing except thyme, which I wondered why?

2 months and 3 weeks later.
After much watering and fertilising, my chives and spring onion wasn't growing as big as I expected, somehow they looked like weeds from far. Whereas, the rapidly growth of basil and Italian parsley made me proud.

4 months and 3 weeks later

They are almost 5 months old now, my basil grew so big that I need to harvest it and transplant it into a bigger pot. I wasn't too happy that thyme didn't grow at all. So, over the Easter weekend, I bought thyme seedlings and Zimbabwe bird chili to add into my herbie family. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to harvest some really hot chili just from my backyard. Wish me luck!

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Caca said...

you plant all these? Congrats. What an organic spieces.