Thursday, September 27, 2012

Overseas and BACK!

I haven't been writing for a long while, simply due to the reason that I wasn't inspired to write about the average food quality in Perth. I may be wrong on this, but nothing was exciting in Perth that makes me jump off my seats and yell O-M-G!

While my brain got stuck generating genuine thoughts of the food in Perth, I traveled overseas to refresh my passion for food and of course to see the world. And man, did I have a good time, hell yeah! Great time!

Mercado La Boqueria, Barcelona 
Yes, I was in Europe for a couple of months and I was wowed from left to right, top to toe. Seeing all those food produce and their way of life, i've never been this inspired before. While visiting those market, I wish I was staying at a place where I was able to cook, I can't get my hands on all those new ingredients.

Cured meat, Spain
Fortunately for Perth, there are a few new places sprung up whilst I was gone. I am impressed with how the food and coffee scene in Perth progressing. So, new post on new restaurants in Perth will be coming up from this blog too.

Vibrant summer berries, Nice, France
Stay tune as I will be writing about my travel and food! 

Thanks for your patience.


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